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"'How may I help you?' are the five most important words businesses can say to their customers."

Your customer needs assistance. They want product information, instruction on how to make a purchase, validation that they are making a wise decision by doing business with you. They want to interact with a real human being and they want answers now. From phone support to Click-to-chat, we have the solutions you need to ensure every customer interaction is a positive one.

Our support solutions are only as good as the agents interaction with your customers, and that's where humanvoice shines. Our representatives come from the bright, articulate, well-mannered, primarily college-educated labor pool the Intermountain West is famous for. In addition to being the brightest, our strategically located contact centers also take advantage of the large population of fluent foreign language speakers who have spent 2 or more years living abroad.

Inbound Phone Support
Sometimes customers just need to hear a humanvoice. Our friendly customer support agents are standing by, ready to bring quick resolution to your customers needs. Each agent is carefully selected and trained on your account. Customer interactions are monitored to maintain strict standards for quality and can be recorded and/or transcribed for data warehousing and mining purposes.

Outbound Phone Support
Our agents are also qualified to proactively contact your customers by phone to inform them of new promotions, remind them of additional or follow-up products and services, or simply to touch base and let them know you appreciate their business. Humanvoice becomes your voice, and we're committed to representing you in a way that makes you shine, and satisfies your customers.

Email Support
Customers expect to get answers to their e-mail communication quickly and accurately. Our e-mail management staff is well trained to manage high-volumes of e-mail communication while making sure each customer interaction is personalized and positive. We work with you to develop a knowledge base of helpful answers to common questions. We also develop seamless escalation processes with you to ensure proper answers to more difficult issues and effectively manage customer expectations in a way that sets you apart.

Using our proprietary click-to-support technology, we can place a customized button on your website that allows customers to instantly contact support representatives for assistance. Whether through live chat, e-mail, or a prompt return phone call, you customers can get the assistance they are looking for when they are looking for it, 24X7. Often, this is just the type of service level a customer needs to follow through with an intended sale. Our click-to-support services are guaranteed to increase patron loyalty, repeat business, follow-through sales, and customer satisfaction.